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Developing New Skills through Volunteering

This week is National Volunteer Week; an annual celebration to promote volunteerism and show appreciation for those who share their time and talents to help charitable organizations in their local communities. Read more...

#WomeninSTEM - Making History at ONEOK


March is Women’s History Month, and we would be remiss if we did not highlight some of the women that make ONEOK and our industry what it is today. The energy sector is considered a male-dominated industry. Several women at ONEOK are working to change that.


Our Greatest Resource

Here at ONEOK, we know our success is dependent upon our greatest resource – our employees. Read more...

Starting 2018 on the Right Foot


“Alright, here we go!” Shalynne Jackson, ONEOK diversity and inclusion consultant, announces as a sea of ONEOK employees head toward Tulsa’s Martin Luther King Jr. Parade route.


Talent Acquisition and Fantasy Football


You probably know by now whether you have a winning fantasy football team or a losing team.

If yours is a losing team, where did you go wrong? Was it giving too much weight to stats? Did you rush your decisions? Did you fail to research?

If you have a winning team, did you just get lucky or did you apply recruitment techniques to build a well-rounded team?

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